Kyocera yazıcı arızaları
Kyocera yazıcı kaset 1 arızası
C0030Fax PWB Problem
C0060Main PWB Type Mismatch Error
C0070Fax PWB Incompatability Detection Problem
C0130Main PWB EEPROM Backup Memory Device Problem
C0140Main PWB EEPROM Backup Memory Data Problem
C0150Engine PWB EEPROM Backup Memory Device Problem
C0160Engine PWB EEPROM Backup Memory Data Problem
C0170Copy Counts Problem
C0180Machine Number Mismatch Error
C0600Main PWB DIMM Installed Incorrectly.
C0610Main PWB DIMM error
C0630DMA transmission of compressed, decompressed, rotated, relocated, or blanked
C0640Hard Disk Drive cannot be accessed
C0700Optional CF backup is not suitable.
C0800Image processing problem. JAM05 is detected twice.
C0830Fax Flash ROM program area checksum error
C0870Fax PWB to Main PWB high capacity data transfer problem.
C0880Fax PWB program archive problem.
C0920Fax backup data is not retained.
C1010Cassette #1 Lift Motor error.
C1020Cassette #2 Lift Motor error.
C1030PF-700 optional cassette #3 lift motor error.
C1040PF-700 optional cassette #4 lift motor error.
C1100PF-750 (Left) Lift Motor 1 error.
C1110PF-750 (Right) Lift Motor 2 error.
C1120PF-750 (Left) Lift Motor 1 position problem.
C1130PF-750 (Right) Lift Motor 2 position problem.
C1800PF-700/PF-750 Communication Problem.
C1900PF-700 EEPROM error.
C2000Drive Motor Problem.
C2250Main Charge Cleaner Motor error.
C2500Paper Feed Motor error.
C2600PF-700 Drive Motor error.
C2600PF-750 Paper Conveying Motor error.
C3100Scanner Carriage Problem.
C3200Exposure Lamp Problem.
C3210Exposure Lamp Problem.
C3300CCD AGC Problem.
C3310CIS AGC Problem.
C3500Communication Error Between Scanner and SHD.
C3900Scanner PWB Backup Memory Read/Write Problem. .
C3910Scanner PWB Backup Memory Data Problem.
C4000Polygon Motor Synchronization Problem.
C4010Polygon Motor Steady-State Problem.
C4200BD Steady-State Problem.
C5300Cleaning Lamp Broken Wire.
C6000Fuser Heater Break.
C6020Abnormally High Thermistor Temperature.
C6030Fixing Thermistor Break Error.
C6050Abnormally Low Thermistor Temperature.
C6400Zero-Cross Signal Error.
C6410Fuser Unit Connection Insertion Problem.
C6420Fuser Unit Fuse Cut Problem.
C7300Toner Container Problem.
C7400Developing Unit Connection Insertion Problem.
C7410Drum Unit Connection Insertion Problem.
C7800Broken External Thermistor Wire.
C7810Short-Circuited External Thermistor.
C7900Drum EEPROM Error.
C7910Developing EEPROM Error.
C8020DF-710 Punch Motor Problem.
C8030DF-730 Tray Upper Limit Detection Problem.
C8050DF-710 Paper Conveying Belt Motor 1 Error.
C8060DF-710 Paper Conveying Belt Motor 2 Error.
C8070DF-710 Internal Tray Communication Error.
C8140DF-710 Main Tray Problem.
C8140DF-730 Tray Elevation Motor Problem.
C8170DF-710 Side Registration Motor 1 Problem.
C8170DF-720 Front Side Registration Motor Problem.
C8170DF-730 Adjustment Motor Problem.
C8180DF-710 Side Registration Motor 2 Problem.
C8180DF-720 Rear Side Registration Motor Problem.
C8190DF-720 Trailing Edge Registration Motor Problem.
C8210DF-710 Stapler Moving Motor 1 Error.
C8210DF-720 Finisher Stapler Problem.
C8210DF-730 Stapler Problem.
C8220DF-710 Stapler Moving Motor 2 Error.
C8230DF-710 Stapler Motor Problem.
C8300BF-710 Centerfold Unit Communiation Error.
C8310BF-710 Centerfold Side Registration Motor 1 Problem.
C8320BF-710 Centerfold Paper Conveying Belt Motor Problem.
C8330BF-710 Blade Motor Problem.
C8340BF-710 Centerfold Staple Motor Problem. Jam 89.
C8350BF-710 Centerfold Side Registration Motor 2 Problem.
C8360BF-710 Centerfold Main Motor Problem.
C8440DF-730 Sensor Adjusting Problem.
C8460DF-730 EEPROM Problem.
C8500MT-710 Communication Error.
C8510MT-710 Drive Motor Problem.
C8800DF-710 Communication Problem.
C8900DF-710 Backup Memory Data Problem.
C8910PH-5A Backup Memory Data Problem.
C8920MT-710 Backup Memory Data Problem.
C8930BF-710 Backup Memory Data Problem.
C9000DP-700 Communication Problem.
C9040DP-700 Lift Motor Ascent Error.
C9050DP-700 Lift Motor Descent Error.
C9060DP-700 EEPROM Error.
C9070DP-700 Communication Error between the DP and SHD.
C9080DP-700 Communication Error between the DP and CIS.
CF000Operation Panel PWB Communication Error/System Error.
CF010Main PWB Checksum Error/System Error.
CF020Memory Checksum Error/Operation System Error.
CF030Main PWB System Error.
CF040Engine PWB Communication Error.
CF041Scanner PWB Communication Error.
CF050Engine ROM Checksum Error.
CF060Engine RAM Error.
CF070Flash ROM Error. Defective flash ROM (which?).
CF080Flash ROM Error (during download).
CF090Fax System M Communication Error.
CF14FPower Source Secondary Side Error/Operation System Error.
CF256Fax System M IOBL error or KUIOLIB error.
CF257Fax System M IOBL error or KUIOLIB error.
CF26FPrint System Other Errors.
CF423Fax System M Error.
CF423Fax System M Error.
CF433HDD Image Process Error.
CF45FHDD Image Process Error.
CF473HDD Image Process Error.
CF610System Start Error.
CF620System Error. Error acquiring the event data.
CF620System Error. Error acquiring the event data.
CF7D7Readout Error of SSL (authentication data).
CFAxxHDD Error.
CFB2CPanel Error. NetFont error.
CFB30Incompatible Level Of Firmware on Main EEPROM.
CFB31Corrupt Firmware on Main EEPROM.
CFB32Panel Error.
CFB33Panel Error.
F000Operation Panel PWB Communication Error.
F010Main PWB Checksum Error.
F020Memory Checksum Error.
F030Main PWB System Error.
F040Engine PWB Communication Error.
F041Scanner PWB Communication Error.
F050Engine ROM Checksum Error.
F060Engine RAM Error.
F070Flash ROM Error.
F080Flash ROM Error (during download).
F090Fax Control PWB Communication Error.
F14FPower Source PWB Second Side Error.